Partner Doula Class

“Megan, you would have been proud of his doula-ing, btw! Nurse said he was one of the hardest working dads she’s ever seen. We used a bunch of the stuff you coached him on.” – A., Partner Doula Class Client, Nov 2020

The world around us is changing, and birth is changing with it! You might find that you are no longer in a position to have a doula attend your birth in person, either because of hospital restrictions or monetary restrictions. While in-person doula work remains my passion, my real goal has always been the empowerment of the individual to know their potential to birth, and any attending partners to feel comfortable doing their support work. Hence the Partner Doula Class!


In our private ~ 1 hour meeting, we’ll cover normal concerns and doubts, and empower proactive support with physical and verbal measures. Geared at any birthing person, regardless of sexuality or gender identity, and the support person of their choosing, we’ll work together to answer your questions, and help your support person find their inner doula!


Investment: $50

Contact me to book, or for further details.