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Doula Client Reviews

IMG_3292“Megan is an amazing doula and wonderful person! They really took the time to listen and get to know how I wanted to be supported during my pregnancy and labor experience. Megan really delivered wholehearted support while navigating my wishes with hospital staff so I could focus on my labor and not worry about anything else. Megan’s positivity and compassion were such a comfort throughout the whole process and really helped empower me to have the unmedicated birth I wished for (although I know she would be just as supportive no matter how my labor unfolded medicated or not). I would highly recommend Megan to anyone looking for an incredible doula!” – Jackie G, Doula Client (October 2021)

“Having Megan in the delivery room was so calming and truly made my labor experience that much more special. It felt like I had both a nurturing mother figure and childbirth expert all in one which was exactly what I didn’t know I would need through the process. Not to mention getting to confide in Megan throughout my entire pregnancy was so special and more important for the journey than I realized. She is truly a light and I am forever grateful.” – Tia C., Doula and Yoga Client (April 2021)

“We had a fantastic experience with Megan as our doula! We had 3 pre-birth meetings where we discussed how I was doing, my thoughts and feelings around pregnancy and preferences for birth, and Megan led us in a gentle prenatal yoga flow. When it came time for delivery, we had already established a great relationship with Megan and felt supported and encouraged by her. During labor, Megan was so positive and helpful and guided us to achieve a positive, empowering birth experience. After labor, we had a postpartum visit where we debriefed the birth. A few things didn’t go to my specific plan during labor, but with Megan’s help, I left the experience feeling strong, empowered, and courageous. Megan’s positive attitude even left an impression on my midwives at UC Health Highlands Ranch, who asked for her contact information so they could recommend her to their patients.” – Alli G, Doula and Yoga Client (March 2021)

“I would highly recommend Megan Hannan’s doula services. I found her approach to be both respectful and extremely caring. From the moment we met, Megan immediately put me and my partner at ease. We got together a number of times prior to my due date to discuss my concerns, talk through preparations for labor such as creating a birth plan, and to practice prenatal yoga. I found her to be reassuring, knowledgeable and appreciated the resources she provided. It was wonderful to be guided through a gentle, pregnancy centered yoga class in the comfort of my own home- my partner joined in as well! My labor turned out to be much longer and more difficult than I had anticipated and Megan was there every step of the way providing support and encouragement for me and my partner. I honestly don’t know how I could have done it without her! I feel extremely fortunate for the compassionate care I received from Megan throughout my pregnancy, labor and postpartum journey.” – A.G., Doula and Yoga Client (December 2020)

“They say it takes a village to raise a child. What they don’t say is how important it is to have that village prior to their arrival. Megan, was so incredibly vital in preparing for our little ones arrival. An open book for every first time mother to be question. Never judging. Always full of love and light.
Then came the big show. She was so great about conveying a clear, loving, message the entire time. Insuring that mom, baby, and dad understood every aspect of the birthing process.
Hours of coaching and support produced one of the most magical experiences of my life. The birth of my sweet little girl. Knowing I had this calming, strength in my corner made the entire process amazing and I would highly recommend everyone to look into doula’s for the birthing process, specifically, Megan.” – Amanda Willis, Doula Client (March 2020)

img_6958(1)“I don’t think I can accurately quantify my gratitude for Megan. I had the pleasure of working with her throughout the majority of my pregnancy with my surprise gender babe, who happened to be my son, Oliver. As a birth worker and doula myself, I knew exactly what I was looking for in my own doula. Megan exceeded my expectations from the moment I met her to be interviewed, all the way through my birth journey. I felt connected and safe to her from the start, something I recognize as rare, especially in such a vulnerable situation such as childbirth. Megan not only met with my husband and I a number of times before the birth, but she would check-in with me numerous times between visits, sometimes to check in on how a prenatal appointment went and other times to simply offer her love and support.

I, unfortunately, was diagnosed as a high-risk pregnancy at 30 weeks, which posed its own issues and concerns, and Megan was there to both physically and emotionally hold my hand through it all. I knew, weeks before I delivered, that I would not have my “ideal” birth experience, and that my expectations would have to change. Megan helped me not only change some of my plans and identify my main priorities, but she also helped me come to terms with my diagnosis, all the while providing her calm, optimistic, and supportive energy. My labor was induced a couple of days before it was scheduled due to complications, and Megan was there right when my husband and I called. She offered her physical support (and it was no joke… I needed her to push as hard as possible on my back, and girl, she provided) and encouraged me to speak up and use my voice when things began feeling out of my control.


My labor may not have gone as I had originally hoped, but it was exactly the birth my son and I needed, and I feel at peace with that thanks to Megan’s support throughout. Megan stayed with me for hours after I delivered, which is typically out of the norm for birth workers. She stayed by my side, distracted me with love and support, and kept the mood extremely elevated and optimistic when my son had to be taken to a transitional nursery for assistance with his breathing. She kept me company and made sure I never felt alone, allowing my husband to stay by our son’s side without having to worry about me. Megan is truly a gift and a blessing. I would recommend her to any expecting parent, and I would especially recommend her to higher-risk moms who need a little extra out of their doula. She is simply amazing. My husband, son, and I are so grateful.”  – Hannah Custar, Doula Client (January 2019)

IMG_0032“We were fortunate enough to be graced with Megan from Rooted Breath when we chose a doula with little time to spare at the end of 2017. My husbands slight apprehension as to whether or not we needed/wanted a doula to be a part of our sons birth was eased considerably upon first meeting Megan. Megan met with us before the birth to explain exactly what she does and does not provide, so an understanding of what she was there for was made clear up front. When we went to the hospital to be induced, we called Megan when we knew we were ready for her help. What Megan provided for us in the hospital can’t be quantified. She was more than support. She was more than a voice of comfort and reason when both of those things were hard to come by in the hectic, painful, and chaotic atmosphere of a delivery room. She brought with her a calm that emanated not only to us, but to the hospital staff as well. Without her, I’m not sure how our birth experience would have happened. I will forever sing the praises of not only doulas, but Megan in particular. Megan visited our home multiple times after we got home from the hospital, and even brought food over after thanksgiving! She will undoubtedly be a part of our lives for a long time to come! Thank you Megan!” – Daphne Silva, Doula Client (January 2018)

(November 2017)

doula holding baby castle rock colorado“I had been thinking about hiring a doula when Megan and I met by chance through Facebook. We exchanged messages and decided to meet in person. Within the first few minutes of meeting I knew that I wanted to hire Megan for our upcoming birth. My husband was skeptical about it but went along with my plans. Wise man.

Megan and I communicated several times before the birth and she made sure to explain all the ways that she could support us during labor. She asked questions to get to know us and understand any concerns we had about the birth. She put my mind at ease with an answer to every question I had and even took the time to find resources for me on services that are outside of her scope.

When I went into labor Megan supported me over the phone and checked in  periodically to make sure I was doing well and let me know she was ready to come to me when I needed her. When I finally decided to have her come over she arrived promptly and talked me through contractions, encouraging me with kind words and affirmations. She suggested different positions to help relieve pain.

Megan went to the birth center with us and  helped not just myself but also my mom and husband who were there supporting me as well. She offered breaks to them when needed and gave them front row seats when desired. We talked and laughed together and when things got hard she held my hand, smoothed my forehead and reminded me that the pain was bringing our baby into the world. Her reassurance calmed my nerves and gave me strength. She managed to integrate seamlessly into my support team.
I have no doubt that had Megan not been at my birth the experience would have been much less pleasant. There is no better way to support a laboring woman than to have one person rubbing her back, another rubbing her feet and a third holding her hand!

Megan even made my husband a believer in the power of doulas!”   –  Emily Pineda, Doula Client (August 2016)

“This women is amazing, I don’t think I could have made it through labor without her. She made sure I had everything I needed to bring my little man into the world. Thank you so much!” – Brittnie Jurado, Doula Client (November 2016)

Yoga Client Reviews

“You have such a gentle manner as a teacher, so unthreatening even for novices like me. I so miss my yoga classes, and now hope to use this to help me through. Sharing with fellow yogis as well.” – W.H., virtual yoga student (March 2020)

(January 2019)

“Absolutely love Rooted Breath. Have been taking private classes and for the first time in my life I feel confident in my yoga abilities. Highly recommend RB to help you find your center.” – Amanda Willis, Private Yoga Client (January 2019)

(November 2018)

(November 2018)

“Megan consistently leads a fabulous yoga restore class. It is like attending a solo piano concert. The spacing between her voice and silence provides me with the opportunity to experience her suggestions in my own body. My awareness of breath, strength, tension, and relaxation is enhanced by her sequence, progression, and guidance. Fabulous and highly recommended.” – Russel Q., Yoga Client (February 2018)

yoga teacher demoing pose adjustments

“I had the pleasure of a one-on-one Vinyasa flow session with Megan the other day. It was awesome! She was super attentive to where I was at, pushing me when I needed it and modifying when I had trouble. I ended up going deeper into stretches I’ve been stuck on for a while. It was awesome, and I can’t wait to train with her again!”  – Ethan Goss, Yoga Client (July 2016)

“I have been practicing yoga for 5 straight years. Since I travel extensively,  I have had the opportunity to experience many different forms, studios, and instructors around the country.  So I wanted to share my experience with Megan Hannan who is a yoga instructor in Parker Colorado.

Megan brings many skills and gifts to the restorative class she teaches.  She is able to guide the class through each pose with a graceful ease that is easy to follow and understand.  She also gives great ideas for modifications to various poses, and explains the advantages of each one. The best part is the energy she brings to the space allowing for a relaxing yet challenging restorative practice.  I would highly recommend attending one of Megan’s classes.”  – Brian Killian, Yoga Client (February 2018)

“People are already talking about you and how great you are!” – Supervisor for Aurora, after subbing my first 4 yoga classes (October 2016)

“From yoga to childbirth Megan is well trained, flexible and understanding. She’s a knowledgeable guide, whose most genuine goal is to help you reach the goals you set for yourself in life.” – Rachel Coughlin, Owner, The Chick Around the Corner (January 2017)

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