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doula holding baby castle rock colorado“I had been thinking about hiring a doula when Megan and I met by chance through Facebook. We exchanged messages and decided to meet in person. Within the first few minutes of meeting I knew that I wanted to hire Megan for our upcoming birth. My husband was skeptical about it but went along with my plans. Wise man.
Megan and I communicated several times before the birth and she made sure to explain all the ways that she could support us during labor. She asked questions to get to know us and understand any concerns we had about the birth. She put my mind at ease with an answer to every question I had and even took the time to find resources for me on services that are outside of her scope.
When I went into labor Megan supported me over the phone and checked in  periodically to make sure I was doing well and let me know she was ready to come to me when I needed her.
When I finally decided to have her come over she arrived promptly and talked me through contractions, encouraging me with kind words and affirmations. She suggested different positions to help relieve pain.
Megan went to the birth center with us and  helped not just myself but also my mom and husband who were there supporting me as well. She offered breaks to them when needed and gave them front row seats when desired. We talked and laughed together and when things got hard she held my hand, smoothed my forehead and reminded me that the pain was bringing our baby into the world. Her reassurance calmed my nerves and gave me strength.
She managed to integrate seamlessly into my support team.
I have no doubt that had Megan not been at my birth the experience would have been much less pleasant. There is no better way to support a laboring woman than to have one person rubbing her back, another rubbing her feet and a third holding her hand!
Megan even made my husband a believer in the power of doulas!”   –  Emily Pineda, Doula Client (August 2016)


yoga teacher demoing pose adjustments

“I had the pleasure of a one-on-one Vinyasa flow session with Megan the other day. It was awesome! She was super attentive to where I was at, pushing me when I needed it and modifying when I had trouble. I ended up going deeper into stretches I’ve been stuck on for a while. It was awesome, and I can’t wait to train with her again!”  – Ethan Goss, Yoga Client (July 2016)


“People are already talking about you and how great you are!” – Supervisor for Aurora, after subbing my first 4 classes (October 2016)


doula baby“This women is amazing, I don’t think I could have made it through labor without her. She made sure I had everything I needed to bring my little man into the world. Thank you so much!” – Brittnie Jurado, Doula Client (November 2016)


“From yoga to childbirth Megan is well trained, flexible and understanding. She’s a knowledgeable guide, whose most genuine goal is to help you reach the goals you set for yourself in life.” – Rachel Coughlin, Owner, The Chick Around the Corner (January 2017)


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